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WDBX Hip Hop Night: House Party Nostalgia

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Who: J-Soul / DJ JD / DJ P-Degree / DJ Buttafly / Lyrical Nomad featuring Beans and Greens
What: WDBX hip-hop benefit
When: 2017-07-15
An upcoming showcase will spin the hippest house-party sounds on the Strip when local community-radi
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An upcoming showcase will spin the hippest house-party sounds on the Strip when local community-radio station WDBX hosts a hip-hop night Saturday, July 15 at the Hangar 9. The event includes several local DJs along with a performance by Lyrical Nomad featuring the band Beans and Greens.

Paris Siulua from the Labkids show said the first hip-hop night this past winter acted as a way to introduce the station and its personalities to the Southern Illinois musical scene.

Siulua said the station held an old-school-themed party earlier this year, and the response was positive. This night will also celebrate the hip-hop that first busted on the scene during the eighties on through the nineties.

“We try to do different genre shows,” Siulua said. “One of the things we’ve noticed is, we need to find a way to attract the older crowd who were into hip-hop.... There are a lot of SIU grads and older people in the area who are into the old-school hip-hop, and not too many places they get to hear them.”

He added that this sequel night will pump up the jams with a variety of local spinners on the turntables.

One featured DJ during this hip-hop night, Jermaine Pryor, spins under the name J-Soul. He began his first days as a DJ in 1985, sneaking into his father’s room and using his professional equipment.

“I developed a passion and love for it that has kept going ever since,” Pryor said.

Pryor plans to incorporate songs that represent what he referred to as the golden era of hip-hop, a period of time when artists from all over the continental United States put their own styles and voices to the emerging musical genre.

“To me, there was so much diversity, so much creativity, so much artistic portrayal of music and poetry,” Pryor said. “You had conscience rap, and you also had rap from the streets. Even the harder stuff from Public Enemy and N.W.A. had a message.”

Pryor said he has been involved at WDBX for the last six years. He added that he has enjoyed the freedom of getting to play music his own way.

“I love this place,” Pryor said. “It’s one of the only places in the world where a DJ can be a DJ. We are all pioneers of our own shows.”

Siulua said the hip-hop night offers an opportunity for party patrons to not only enjoy a trip down musical memory lane, but also a chance to support community radio.

“All of our events are fundraisers for the station,” he said, “so come on out and support the station.”

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who: J-Soul / DJ JD / DJ P-Degree / DJ Buttafly / Lyrical Nomad featuring Beans and Greens

what: WDBX hip-hop benefit

where: Hangar 9


when: Saturday, July 15

LøBø: An Electric Combination

Venues & Businesses
Hangar 9

Who: LøBø
What: live DJ
When: 2017-07-08
A common name across social-media platforms sparked a rising partnership on the national electronic-
Leah Williams
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A common name across social-media platforms sparked a rising partnership on the national electronic-music scene.

LøBø will perform Saturday, July 8, at the Hangar 9. The pair has been performing together for a year, during which the up-and-coming duo has fired off a genre-bending mix of dubstep, trap, and bass house.

Sam LoBosco met Nate Aragon online after he discovered they were both performing under the same name. After a while, LoBosco said he discovered that the moniker was not where the resemblance stopped.

“We found out that we complement each other,” LoBosco said. “He had been working on music for nine years, and I had been working on it for four years. I help bring out the strengths in him and help cover the weaknesses. And he brings out the strengths and covers the weaknesses in me. Everything is fifty/fifty. It’s the perfect combination.”

LoBosco said LøBø is expanding fast.

“[Aragon] is moving to Chicago because everything is growing so quickly,” LoBosco said. “We definitely want to tour more and start booking more shows.”

One upcoming tour is with Helicopter Showdown. LoBosco said the details are still being finalized, but another national opportunity is in the works.

“The stars have definitely aligned,” he said. “I set a goal last year that we were going to play Spring Awakening, and we just finished playing there. We were playing one or two shows a week, and now we are playing out every weekend.”

LoBosco said he attributes part of the sudden success on finding a niche for LøBø’s music.

“You can make good music, but there is always someone out there making great music without any kind of branding,” he said. “LøBø is about a black-and-white wolf. A yin-and-yang sort of speaks of what we do and how we do. It’s a lone-wolf mentality, where you don’t always have to lead a pack. You can lead yourself.”

LoBosco said a new song is expected to drop July 16, a “rhythm track, which is not something that we’re known for.” He added that he and Aragon have been recording an EP album that will feature a melodic-dubstep sound. That record should be ready for release later this year.

From there, the sky’s the limit.

“And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,” LoBosco said.

For more information, check out LøBø on SoundCloud or Facebook.

who: LøBø

what: live DJ

where: Hangar 9


when: Saturday, July 8

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