ClusterPluck: Homegrown Harmonies and Fresh Morning Melodies

ClusterPluck:  Homegrown Harmonies and Fresh Morning Melodies
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Who: Giving Tree Band / ClusterPluck
What: Americana
When: 2013-03-02
Local newgrass band ClusterPluck high-tails it Saturday, March 2 down to the Hangar 9 with Chicago-a
Leah Williams Wright


Saint Louis newgrass band ClusterPluck high-tails it Saturday, March 2 down to the Hangar 9 with Chicago-area folk-rock group the Giving Tree Band.

Not long after they started playing together, ClusterPluck’s members knew they could rely on each other to pull double and sometimes even triple duty as both musicians and featured vocalists.

“It was pretty soon,” vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Justin Torres said. “We’ve all played with each other and knew what we could all do.”

Featured in the group are Chris Rader on vocals, banjo, and guitar; Torres on vocals, bass, and guitar; Derek Rutter on vocals, mandolin, and guitar; and Leah Osborne on vocals, washboard, and ukulele.

ClusterPluck’s bluegrass is as refreshing as a bright country day. Self-described as “an upbeat, hillbilly, hippie extravaganza,” the band’s banjo-driven beat lands somewhere between newgrass and Americana. In addition, ClusterPluck has a rock ‘n’ roll dare and flair with great pop feeling. They can be straight-countrified rowdy in all the right places, as evidenced by the super fun “Pirates in a Bathtub.” A mellower but still upbeat side is revealed on their no-worries sashay through “Hidden Acres.”

They scored a stint at the 2013 Summer Camp Music Festival when playing a gig at the Hangar with the Giving Tree Band. The festival, which this year is held May 24 through May 26 in Chillicothe, features more than one-hundred bands on six stages at Three Sisters Park. Torres said he and the other members of ClusterPluck are honored to be given the opportunity.

ClusterPluck’s show this weekend is one of many the group has spent with the Giving Tree Band. Torres always enjoys getting the chance to sync up with fellow musicians with whom they also get along.

“They are a great group of guys,” Torres said. “We really like playing with them.”

ClusterPluck plans to put out their first recording later this spring or summer.

Search for more about ClusterPluck on Reverb Nation.

who: Giving Tree Band / ClusterPluck

what: Americana

where: Hangar 9

when: Saturday, March 2