Here Come the Mummies: Funkadelic Times from Beyond the Tomb

Here Come the Mummies:  Funkadelic Times from Beyond the Tomb
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Black Diamond Harley Davidson

Who: Here Come the Mummies
What: funk, Poshard Foundation for Abused Children benefit
When: 2012-11-09
While most of the crowd will be in wedding gowns from blissful days long ago, the band will be dress
Leah Williams Wright

While most of the crowd will be in wedding gowns from blissful days long ago, the band will be dressed in something else entirely.

Borrowed and Blue is a ladies-only event that will feature the funk and rhythm and blues antics of Here Come the Mummies. The party will take place Friday, November 9 at Black Diamond Harley Davidson in Marion, and organizers invite guests to dust off those dresses in the closet for a night of post-wedding-reception and prom-antic craziness. Proceeds will benefit the Poshard Foundation for Abused Children.

Dressed in full-on mummy attire, the identities of the guys in the band are kept completely under wraps, though several members are professional musicians from the Nashville, Tennessee area. Some are whispered to be Grammy Award winners. Others believe that the mummy getup is to keep record execs from knowing their talent is moonlighting in another band. No one knows for sure, except that the group is celebrating a ten-year anniversary this year with a new album, Hits and Mrs.

The group’s fabulous, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor (see evidence below), however, is well-known. The current class of misfit mummies includes Mummy Cass on guitar and lead vocals (also known as Mummy Cassannova), Java on percussion and vocals, Eddie Mummy on drums, Mummy Spaz on keyboards, K.W. Tut on bass, Mummy Rah on tenor saxophone, the Flu on baritone sax, Teste Verde and Bucking Blanco on trumpets, Ramses Mummy on bass, Midnight Mummy on baritone sax, and the Pole on bass.

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Nightlife recently exchanged emails with Java Mummy to discuss the band’s new album, life on the road as a mummified musician, and helping others to appreciate the finer smells in life. If this interview is any indication of what the crowd can expect at the bash, then rest assured that mayhem will ensue.

Read on if you dare.

Here Come the Mummies have been around for a while. What do you credit to your success?

We have been at this almost 3,500 years. For a while, you credit molasses for keeping us going, but it would only be fair to credit Viagra for our ongoing inspiration.

You are a pretty large band. Are there any conflicts on tour?

Only when the bagels run out-- then it is all-out war.

You recently released a new album. What can you tell us about the selection and writing of the new material?

After a carefully executed scientific process, we culled down our sixty-some existing recorded songs into a slim, power-packed best-of entitled Hits and Mrs. You should definitely get this for the neighbors and coworkers you want to convert into mummy fans-- and for the grandparents you want to annoy and disgust.

What was the recording process like?

Our recording process is always a blast. First, we spend weeks sitting in our studio playing backgammon, drinking coffee, and staring at our Sherman Hemsley posters, waiting for the spirit to raise its sexy head. When it does, we knock [out] the actual recording before lunch.

What do you think of Hits and Mrs.?

I actually try not to think-- it makes my head hurt. But my groin really thinks it great, and gives it one-- huge-- thumb up.

Do you have a favorite song-- a Mummies tune or other-- that you like to perform?

I love to perform Paganini's Caprice Number Twenty-four in A Minor, but since I totally suck at the violin, the crowd does not seem to dig it as much as I do. Cut me some slack-- I just got it last week.

What goes through your mind when you are performing?

Front row! Look at that chick in the front row-- holy hamcakes, she looks like Heather Thomas and Burt Reynolds had a love child!

How often are the bandages changed, or are you still in your original wraps?

Save for the occasional bed-wetting incidents on the bus, we never change our wraps. Let's face it-- we are a bunch of dudes without female supervision. We never change.

What do you hope people get from coming to a Here Comes the Mummies show?

We hope they sweat, jump, laugh, and lose their minds. That and a new appreciation of the need for a strong lemon scent.

who: Here Come the Mummies

what: funk, Poshard Foundation for Abused Children benefit

where: Black Diamond Harley Davidson

when: Friday, November 9