Ol' Moose

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Band Members
Ol' Moose (Doug Anderson) guitar, vocal, banjo, harp - Kelley Sims - guitar - Mila Maring - vocal, accordion - Randy Auxier - bass - Marshall Anderson - guitar, percussion - Robb Smith - sax - Cory Powell - guitar, keys - Geoff Maring - bass
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Ol' Moose played country blues in New England in 1970s with singer/songwriters John Gorka (Red House) and Richard Shindell (Shanachie). He played rockabilly and country-folk in Pennsylvania in the 1980s and 1990s with Philbilly Cadillac and Moosecats. And since 2005 he has played Americana in Carbondale with the Bone Dry River Band and solo as Ol' Moose (with friends). He has played from Boston to Seattle. On the side, Ol' Moose teaches philosophy and writes books on the history of philosophy.

The music is eclectic. Originals include a range from singer/songwriter folk to alt-country and country blues. The covers include Americana from Dylan to Gram Parsons to Warren Zevon to the Band and a variety of basic blues and rock/pop tunes.