Hobo Knife

Band Members
Mortimer Bustos - lead vocals, guitar - Gwen King - steel guitar, clarinet, accordion, vocals - John McCall - piano, guitar - Ben West - mandolin, banjo - James Ricks - bass - Greg Edwards - drums - Hugh DeNeal - vocals, guitar - Evan Sims - ukele
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Genre: Gravedigger ballads / old-time devil's music

Original songs by Mortimer Bustos, plus a few old standards -- though we take the hobo knife to them.

Hobo Knife songs all share a sense of impending doom, & often a stubborn resistance to it. So if you are trapped by the alienating conditions of existence, if you feel the pull of a hell-bound flood of existential angst, then follow the seductive mournful wail you hear in the distance. It's Hobo Knife - singing your song. Come join us. Drink, dance & make merry - 'cause misery loves company.

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