Cabaret Decadance

Band Members
Clare McCall - creatrix, director, songwriter - Pat York - singer - Melissa Neubert - singer - Priscilla Pimentel - singer - Amber Blakeslee - dancer - Shelley Hill - dancer - Rosie Berkman - dancer - Rachel Thomas - dancer - Adam Wories - mime, muppeteer - Joseph J. Fishburn - juggler - John McCall - keyboards - Gwen King - saxophones, clarinet, glockenspiel - James Ricks - bass fiddle - Greg Edwards - drums and percussion
Contact Info

Pre-World War II: swing, polka, waltz, ragtime, and cha-cha (think: Tom Waits)

Cabaret Decadance is a vaudeville style comic dance revue backed by a live band and a line-up of vocalists. The show features original narrative song and dance in a vintage style that is quaintly bawdy, and boldly feminine.  The revue began in 1996 as a party joke when Clare McCall wrote a couple of comic songs in homage to the legendary Cabaret in Zurich where the Dada art movement formed in 1914 as a protest of WW I. We live in parallel times. The party joke touched a nerve and the Decadancers evolved into a full-blown vaudeville burlesque revue.

Cabaret Decadance likes to sing new life back into genres of "obsolete culture" long discarded by the corporate culture industry. While they’re at it, the Decadancers like to pull down society's knickers for a laugh or two. Cabaret Decadance is burlesque in the original sense — parody and satire. They're smart, funny, and the old-fashioned kind of sexy that comes from the heart rather than the store.

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