Ikner Brothers

Band Members
Van Ikner - lead singer - Vernon Ikner - lead singer
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There has been a time in all our lives that we come to a crossroads. We become reflective and think of all things we would do differently if given the opportunity. The Ikner Brothers have undergone such a transformation. Early successes, real consequences, and the ability to learn from the past do not guarantee or validate a certain future for Van and Vernon Ikner. Now, their mission is to touch as many lives as they can through the vehicle of song as well as share the words they have gained through their life experiences.

Successfully singing and making a name for themselves as the group I.M.A.G.E. paying their dues along the way as the opening act for recording artists: Chante` Savage, Levert, M Doc, Sounds of Life, CeCe Penniston, Wu Tang Clan, Common Sense, UMYND, Men at Large; as well as comedians: Kenny Howell, Sonya D., Corey Holcomb, Tony Scufield, Terrill Smith, and B. Cole. These performances paved the way to appearances on “Showtime at the Apollo”, “The Ricki Lake Show”, and “Fox Morning Show” and served as a testament to their true “star potential”. On the verge of their desired success, I.M.A.G.E. would fall and are now fighting to regain the image they had once attained.

Whether you are in need of entertainment or great conversation, The Ikner Brothers are worth your consideration. Chicago’s dynamic twins, Van and Vernon Ikner, serve it up smooth, full of soul, and refreshingly honest which gives audiences something to connect to and reflect on.