Allison Floyd

Covers Originals 
Band Members
Craig Roberts - vocals, bass, sampler - Ryan Murphy - lead guitar - Theresa Smith - keys, vocals - Michael Mittage - vocals, acoustic guitar - Vic Schnieder - drums, percussion, vocals

Allison Floyd formed in 2005 with Craig Roberts (vocals, bass) and Mike Stein (keyboards). Originally playing acoustic Alice in Chains and electric Pink Floyd, AIC was dropped from the sets when AIC went back out on tour.

Joining the band in 2008 was Josh Kidd (drums, vocals) and in 2009 Ryan Murphy (lead guitar). Allison Floyd frequently plays in the Cobden/Carbondale area of Southern Illinois.

The CD Rabbits on the Run was recorded at Barn Again Studios in August 2010. It consist of 9 tracks based on a fictional concept from the alignment our sun and space on 12-21-2012.