Spread: Making a Nice Jam

Spread: Making a Nice Jam
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Tres Hombres

Who: Spread
What: jam band
When: 2010-10-01
A Nice Spread of Jam
Leah Williams Wright

There is more than one way to rock, and local band Spread is searching for their own-- a brand without a label, without a pigeonhole in which to place their music. And band members swear they have found something unique.

"No songs are ever the same, ever," said bass player Colin Finn. "You never know what is going to happen next, and that is what is so fun about it."

Spread is set to rock Friday, October 1 at Tres Hombres with Coldwater Mystic. The high-energy, anything-can-happen experimental rock band blends spontaneity, original composed material, and a careful selection of covers in hopes of creating an interactive jam-band listening experience in a genre that they can call all its own.

Homegrown in Carbondale, Spread was formed by Southern Illinois University students Finn, Dave Petrizzo on guitar, drummer Patrick Reynolds, and Steven Kaufman on keyboards.

"We don't really fit into any kind of genre," Finn said. "We just kind of pull a little bit from everything. You can't really define us."

A Spread song-- original or cover-- produces a lot to which to listen. The ravenous guitar work, rapid keys, and a revved-up rhythm section blend together to produce a jam-band feel. Favorite songs to play change every day.

"Right now, for me, it's one of our originals," Petrizzo said of his current favorite tune. "But it really all depends what happens in the moment."

Spread's set lists are not set in stone, and any given moment can inspire something new, something cool, something unexpected. A bend of a guitar string during a solo can evolve into a new riff, or a totally different song can come on at lightning speed.

"We could start off in one song, something happens, and we go off on a twenty-two minute tangent," Finn said.

On stage, the spontaneous vibe continues with improvisation. Finn recalls a recent gig where the band married two great classic-rock covers into one glorious rock 'n' roll experience.

"There is this one time-- it was our drummer's birthday," he said. "We started playing 'L.A. Woman' [by the Doors] and we kept playing and playing, going off on our own little tangents. And then we all came together to play [The Yardbirds'] 'Heart Full of Soul.' It was pretty cool the way that all came together like it did."

When asked what they preferred, both Petrizzo and Finn immediately came up with the same answer-- nothing beats the feeling of coming up with something brand-new on the spot. Improvisation is what  makes them special, and what keeps them playing.

"The songs speak for themselves," Finn said. "But there is something about being up on stage and seeing what happens from there."

Petrizzo agreed, adding: "It's all there. We like to come out, have a good time, and come up with something different each time."

This year, Spread has played at SummerCamp 2010 and the Tall Tree Lake Festival. Their focus is to continue to develop a unique sound and to bring it to as many ears as possible.

"We've tried to play out as much as we can. That is why we played at places like [Shawnee Saltpetre] Cave and Tall Tree and anywhere else that will have us," Petrizzo said. "We want to be heard. We want people to hear us and try us out for themselves."

For more information about Spread or to hear some of their music, log on to <http://www.myspace.com/spread618>.

who: Spread

what: jam band

where: Tres Hombres

when: Friday, October 1 w/ Coldwater Mystic