DJ Nasty Nate and the Residents of Electro City

DJ Nasty Nate and the Residents of Electro City
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Tres Hombres

Who: DJ Nasty Nate
What: Electro City
When: 2010-09-03
DJ Nasty Nate and the Residents of Electro City
Phillip Garcia

Admit it: You came to Carbondale because Playboy once rated SIU as one of the top party schools in the nation. Well, it still is, and with much credit to DJ Nasty Nate.
Nasty Nate has spent the last ten years honing his skills from Saint Louis and Kentucky to Wisconsin and Chicago, evolving into one of the most meticulous and fun DJs on the underground music scene.
Nasty Nate's style is characterized by driving electro arrangements with a potent low-end. Spinning breaks, dub-step, minimal, house, and more, Nate employs an eclectic sonic volley at every show. He also brings the production power of a big-city show, with more lights, fog, and lasers than a Tron convention. To prepare for a show, Nate edits, arranges, and produces fresh music for days beforehand-- and to recover from a Nasty Nate show takes just as long. Nate continuously brings an assault of raging party rhythms that make for wild parties and exhausted dancers.
While maintaining his passion for the underground music scene, Nasty Nate has successfully blown up his semi-monthly Electro City at Tres Hombres. Electro City has brought fans and performers from all over the country to Carbondale, including Andy B. and Tommy Gunns.
On Friday, September 3, Electro City will host Tekfro from Saint Louis, who recently made it to number twenty-one on the Beatports charts with the song "Break it Off." Tekfro has also just finished a collaboration with the legendary DJ Assault.
DJing outside of major cities isn't always easy, with the exception of top-forty iPod DJing, which is easy all over. Like any subculture, DJing endures a lack of understanding and paucity of due credit. But Nasty Nate has used his experience to fortify his resolve-- to take the risks and critiques attendant to subversive aesthetics. Nate explains: "To work professionally, you have to mold your art sometimes to fit the commercial venue, and up to a point you do have to do that. But on a bigger level, you must never change your art-- you must have your own value system. If your value system is trying to please other people, I think you will fail. So now I am just trying to please myself. After all, I am my own biggest critic."
To see footage of Nasty Nate DJing and answering questions for Nightlife, check out <>.

who: DJ Nasty Nate
what: Electro City
where: Tres Hombres
when: Friday, September 3