A ClusterPluck is coming to PK’s and John Browns this weekend

A ClusterPluck is coming to PK’s and John Browns this weekend

A ClusterPluck is coming to PK’s and John Browns this weekend
Colleen Frease

Get ready for a giant ClusterPluck.

ClusterPluck is a four-piece band that plays a mix of grass-roots, folk and Americana that will play at 10 p.m., at PK’s on Thursday, Dec. 7 and turnaround to play at John Browns on the Square Friday night

in Marion.

Their band members are Chris Rader, Justin Torres, Derek Rutter and Matt Gadeken. Each of them sing and play the guitar, and a few play additional instruments to include the violin, mandolin and dobro. The group describes their sound as folk music with a kick.

The group performs with each member bringing a piece of what they love about it to their shows. Torres loves looking out to the audience and seeing people dancing and having fun with their friends. Rutter likes to look out at the crowd and see people singing along to the music. Gadeken says he gets to do what he loves and share that experience with the crowd. Rader really likes ripping a solo and loves it when the crowd responds.

“We play songs we love,” Gadeken said. “Our band has four original albums we play songs from, but we also are always adding new covers to our repertoire. We especially like to mix it up with adding new music to our playlists when we have a longer show. We just play our music and see where the night goes.”

ClusterPluck has been together for seven years and each member is from Southern Illinois. When the band first came together, they tossed around ideas for their band name, but couldn’t make a decision. The band reached out to people through social media for help and ClusterPluck was chosen.

The group typically plays in the Southern Illinois and the surrounding region to include St. Louis. The group does go on tour a few times a year and has traveled all over the United States sharing their passion for playing good music and spreading good vibes.

“We love playing in Southern Illinois,” Torres said. “There are so many cool places to go and each time we play at one of them we have such a good time. Touring is awesome because we get to explore, travel and meet new people but it is always great to play close to home and see the faces of our fans we know

and love.”

For more information on ClusterPluck’s upcoming shows check out its Facebook page.

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