Awkward Timing wants to make each show special

Awkward Timing wants to make each show special
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Blue Sky Vineyard

Awkward Timing wants to make each show special
Colleen Frease

Timing is everything.

Awkward Timing is a small acoustic group with Paige Hester and Taylor Brotherton singing vocals and Tyson Glaser playing guitar. The group loves to play a variety of cover songs from 1970s classics to current pop songs.

They hope to be on time at 2 p.m., on Saturday, Dec. 9 at Blue Sky.

“We like to entertain people, and play songs we like,” Glaser said. “Anything and everything from county to pop. If it’s fun music, we want to play it.”

The band is based out of Cape Girardeau. Though the trio likes to play closer to home, Blue Sky is one of their personal favorites outside of the city across the bridge.

Blue Sky offers a great playing area both indoors and outdoors that Glaser says creates a welcoming atmosphere for their band to play.

Music is a love for all three of the band members and the trio balances family commitments to be able to their weekend shows. Additionally, since they all have lives outside of music, they group must stay in constant contact about scheduling when booking gigs.

However, Glaser said the rush of being a performer makes it all worth it.

“It’s fun to be in front of people and performing,” Glaser said. “It’s fun to just be in front of people helping them have a good time with some wine and forget about all the troubles of the world for a little bit.”

The trio has a regular crowd that follows them around to see their performances which includes family, friends and some locals who love to see them play. Glaser said even though the band regularly performs, they all still get nervous from time to time and having their loyal fans in the audience helps them get centered before they perform.

Glaser said it is rewarding to get to play for people during the holiday season because it helps add something special to the weekends for the audience. The group recognizes the holidays are a special time of year for family and friends, so when they people choose to watch their show, they want to make it something special.

For more information on the upcoming show check out Awkward Timing’s Facebook page or Blue Sky’s website at