One-man band Corey Evitts comes to Starview

One-man band Corey Evitts comes to Starview
One-man band Corey Evitts comes to Starview

One-man band Corey Evitts comes to Starview
Colleen Frease

Corey Evitts is a one-man band playing everything from the ukulele, to live guitar, to a drum, and a keyboard.

He’ll be playing from 5 to 8 p.m. on Starview Vineyards Saturday, Sept. 9.

“I try to keep things interesting,” Evitts said. “I make each show different and switch around when playing the instruments so people won’t see the same thing twice when coming to one of my performances.”

Evitts plays a variety of songs from each decade from the 1950s through today’s music. He reads the crowd at the start of a performance to determine what songs will fit best for the crowd that evening. He plays anything from dance music to rock depending on crowd preferences and the venue.

Up until May, Evitts worked at a music store as an instructor helping to place kids in bands. After nine years, he has moved to performing full time. He played 20 shows in May and since then the number of shows he plays per week has gone from five to sometimes upward to seven to eight. He says he works hard to make sure he makes each performance unique by not playing the same songs at each show.

“If I only played the same 40 songs then people would get sick of that,” Evitts said. “Especially here in Southern Illinois. Once you make a name for yourself people talk. It is a really close-knit community and is pretty connected. I am constantly trying to learn new songs and learn new instruments to keep upgrading my act.”

Evitts has locals that follow him around the region to different performances. If they ask him to play a song and he does not know it, he will try to learn it and be able to play it for them before they come to his next performance.

Once a month Evitts plays at JP’s Bar and Grill in Paducah and has a playlist with several hundred songs he lets the audience request songs from. The entire show is a little over three hours and is nothing but requests from the audience.

“This is a good way to keep me constantly learning new songs,” Evitts said. “If someone requests a song that isn’t on the list, that gives me a month to learn it before the next performance.”

Evitts has been expanding where he plays outside of Paducah to almost anywhere within a three-hour drive of his home. He doesn’t have a favorite place to visit or play as he says they all have the potential to become amazing on any given night.

“Just about every place I’ve played has something special about it,” Evitts said. “As long as people like what I’m playing and doing it is a good night.”