Jungle Dogs return to Pinch Penny Pub

Jungle Dogs return to Pinch Penny Pub

Jungle Dogs
Dakota Holde

It’s that time of year when the students are back on the streets of Carbondale.

With their return also comes the return of Carbondale’s favorite party band, Jungle Dogs, for its annual reunion at 9 p.m. on Sept. 2 at Pinch Penny Pub.

The Jungle Dogs are a nine-piece band born out of Carbondale. Their music is a mix of funk, ska, and reggae. Not only do the locals who have known the band for years enjoy the music, but college students also find something interesting about their unique sound.

Nightlife got a chance to talk to one of the founding members of the Jungle Dogs, Eddie Chapa (Bass), about its start and the upcoming show. The band originated 1987 when the members were attending SIU.

The rhythm section members playing next to Eddie are Dan Schingel (Guitar), John Hunter (Drums), and Matt Linsin (Percussion). The horn section of the band includes Klaus Bank (sax), Larry Daly (Trombone), Jim Owens (Trombone), Keith Huffman (Trumpet), Trumpet, and D. Ward (Trumpet).

Nightlife asked about the band coming to an end.

“We disbanded in 2003. The guys wanted to pursue other musical projects,” Chapa said. “We were getting married and having kids. We just we had a good run. We all just stayed in touch.”

After a few years of separate ways and numerous requests to do a reunion, the band started to reunite annually at Pinch. Jungle Dogs have carried on these shows for roughly 10 years.

“It’s a reunion for us guys. We have a history with each other,” Chapa said. “We make a whole weekend out of it. We get together Friday night. We have food and drinks. We have a get together of our own. Then it’s a musical reunion.”

Chapa will get to together before hand with Schingel before the group gets into town to rehearse to go over their material.

“It’s really funny because we’re trying to relearn these songs, that we wrote years ago,” Chapa said.

Though they don’t often get to play together, they put as much energy and have just as much fun as they did years ago.

This particular performance will have a special guest, Dan Gruber, one of the original percussionists for the band.

“Dan is coming in from LA, so we won’t be a 9 piece, but we will be 10-piece for this show,” Chapa said,

It has been 15 years since the group has had the chance to thoroughly play with Gruber and is looking forward to being able to reunite on stage.

Jungle Dogs always enjoys the audience at Pinch Penny.

“We get our local crowd the early, then inevitably all the college kids show up,” Chapa said. “They enjoy it! It’s fun uplifting party music.” T

The band will have an annual reunion T-shirt available for their 2017 performance Chapa and the band is planning a fun set and looking forward to another great night of music.