Fourth Friday Fair Back to School

Fourth Friday Fair Back to School
Fourth Friday Fair Back to School

Fourth Friday Fair Back to School
Dakota Holden

Dakota Holden

August’s edition of the Fourth Friday Fair this Friday, will include a few familiar acts that played this past weekend during the eclipse.
The Cave Futures, Honey and Tar, and Teree Richison will take the stage at the Town Square Pavilion in Carbondale to close out the summer for the fair. As always, local craft vendors and food will also be available.
Rebecca Dull, assistant director for Carbondale Main Street, said this is the second annual “Back to School” fair, and the style of music really dictates what crowd shows up.
“Our crowd is generally young kids and families. Depending on what bands are playing, it steers the crowd in different directions as well,” Dull said.
First up will the Cave Futures. The group is based in Carbondale and is condered an indie rock group composed of six members. Leader of the Group Kevin Ohlau, has been working on their newest album for a full year. They recently released their debut album Sun Dogs at Plaza Records. The performance will include instrumentals with advanced, colorful themes.
While the next band is setting up, there will be a performance by local magician, Terry Richison. Dull told Nightlife Richison is not only a children’s magician, but also an illusionist who can entertain any age. She said Richison often does work for corporate events and performing for adult audiences to enjoy.
The closing band, Honey and Tar, is a Southern Illinois songwriting duo.  The group performs with a ukulele and guitar, playing a mix of originals and unique covers.
Live music won’t be the only thing for people to enjoy, Rebecca Dull told Nightlife.
“We have a bounce house for the kids to enjoy,” she said. “We also have the food court and the merchandise vendors.”
A craft tent provided by Carbondale Community Arts will also be included in the event. The food vendors for the fair include Hamp’s Smoke N Q, Saluki Dawgs, and Caribbean Hut.
The final Friday Fair will be held September 22nd as part of Latino Heritage month. Though this will be the last summer event held by Carbondale Main Street, the team continues their events into the fall and winter, Dull said.
“We are participants with the pumpkin race and are largely involved with the Lights Fantastic Parade,” she said. “We also do patio tours throughout the year.”