Nuance Solar Launch at Hangar 9

Nuance Solar Launch at Hangar 9
Nuance Solar Launch at Hangar 9

Nuance Solar Launch at Hangar 9
Dakota Holden

Dakota Holden

Hangar 9 will play host to a collective group of artists, performers and the producers of Nuance on Friday.
Nuance is a indie hip-hop and DJ label from Carbondale Carbondale. Though they live across Illinois and different parts of Chicago, all the member of the group will to perform their sequel show at Hangar. Performances by DJ Zay, Unorthodox Misfits, EB the Truth, Mista Fisha, Chozen, and Ayokidd are all scheduled.
Nightlife caught up with few members of Nuance to talk about their show and upcoming projects. The host of the event, DJ Zay, said he got his start in the community. 
“When I officially moved to Carbondale, I was getting used to the college life, and what I was seeing most DJing down here,” he said. “I was pretty interested in that. I started DJing at house parties. Later on, I hosted my own house parties and shows.”
As Zay continued to perform, he continuously produced more music in the area.
“So far, I’m trying to take over Carbondale slowly and slowly,” he said.
DJ Zay said his person influences include DJ’s and produces such as DJ Snake, Skrillex, Dillon Frances and David Guetta.  As much as the big EDM artists imprinted on his work, the Latino community of Chicago where he grew up also heavily influenced him. He soon plans on hosting a Latino night at Hangar 9.
DJ Zay’s manager and Nuance member Sylvester Fulcher spoke with Nightlife about common hurdles the group has to face.
“One of the biggest problems is taking a while to communicate between the event promoters and our group,” he said.  Finding what specifically we are looking for. We want to help perform for the people, you know?”
Sylvester said the group wants to give the audience as much as it can during shows.
“Our last show, were trying to set up a projector, give them [audience] a media showing of the music video the guys’ got,” he said. “Give a little creativity. That’s probably one of the hardest parts.”
Nuance tries to show off individualism as well as a whole group to give each performer their creative space for expression.    
Nightlife also spoke with Rick Harp, another artist and producer with Nuance. Harp performs with the group Unorthodox Misfits, and the early stages involved work every day in the studio, he said.
“This was two or three summers ago, we were working everyday in the studio. Everyday I had after school matters. After that, we would be making a beat. We were working everyday. It took off and we started our own thing.”
Harp is heavily influenced by reggae and the new hip hop scene. Artists like Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, as well as Yo Gotti, Lil Boosie, and Future have a strong influence on Ricky’s tone, he said.
Ricky is working on his new EP, “Islands” and is panning on the release at the beginning of September. Members of Nuance are working on new material not only for their solo projects, but for the label as well.
After the Solar Launch Friday, Nuance plans on playing at more lounges, clubs and trying to perform outside the Southern Illinois region this fall. They are currently booking and planning for most Carbondale shows to be in October.
The goal — “Take over Carbondale slowly and slowly”.