Lifehouse: Inspiring rock for the ages The band brings its act to Du Quoin Friday night

Lifehouse: Inspiring rock for the ages The band brings its act to Du Quoin Friday night
Lifehouse: Inspiring rock for the ages The band brings its act to Du Quoin Friday night

Lifehouse: Inspiring rock for the ages
Leah Williams

Leah Williams

The crowd at the Du Quoin State Fair will be hanging by a moment on Friday, Sept. 1.
National recording artist Lifehouse, along with Switchfoot, is coming to Du Quoin as part of the state fair’s concert series.
Lifehouse recently released a greatest hits album celebrating the group’s nearly two decades on the charts and selling more than 15 million records worldwide.
The group started in 1996 after lead vocalists and guitarist Jason Wade moved to Los Angeles and started a band with his next-door neighbor Sergio Andrade. Known as Blyss at the time, the group — along with Jon “Diff” Palmer — started making the rounds playing live at high school and college parties before word-of-mouth got around to a Dreamworks Records executive.
The band would reach mainstream prominence in 2001 with the hit single “Hanging by a Moment” off the debut studio album “No Name Face.” The song went to No. 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart where it stayed for three weeks. It also peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.
Lifehouse also won a Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Single of the Year, as the song spent 20 weeks in the top ten and more than a year on the charts. The band released its sophomore album Stanley Climball in 2002.
The newspaper talked with bassist Bryce Soderberg about rocking out and writing music that resonates throughout the ages.
Soderberg, who was born in Victoria, British Columbia, started playing bass at a young age and further honed his musicianship while playing with his two brothers and their band. He graduated from St. Michaels University School and then moved to Los Angeles when he was 19 years old to pursue a career in music.
In 2002, Soderberg joined the band AM Radio on Elektra Records until the label folded. He performed with The Celebrities and Tomorrow And Everyday After before joining Lifehouse. He was personally recommended by former member Sean Woolstenhulme.
“I was lucky enough that they saw something in me and asked me in join,” Soderberg said.
After becoming a part of the band, Soderberg and his bandmates toured and released the third album, a self-titled effort that contained the No .1 American adult contemporary hit “You and Me.”
In 2007, Lifehouse came out with its fourth album, “Who We Are,” followed by the next record, “Smoke and Mirrors,” in 2010. Soderberg sang lead and co-wrote the track “Wrecking Ball.” Soderberg also performs lead vocals on “Bridges” during some live performances as well as shared lead vocals on the song “Here Tomorrow, Gone Today.”
Soderberg has worked on other projects as well. A reworked version of Soderberg’s song “Stardust,” which was co-written for his side project KOMOX, appeared on the 2015 Lifehouse album “Out of the Wasteland.”
While the band is not considered a Christian band, Soderberg said Lifehouse opts to have their lyrics open to self-interpretation regardless of the subject matter.
“We all as human beings, especially human beings in this band, we have all been through our peaks and valleys,” he said. “But then that pain can have a purpose.”
Soderberg said creating songs that are relatable to the audience is really where it’s all about.
“If we can write inspirational songs, sad songs, breakup songs, some songs that are somewhat spiritual or anything along those lines,” he said. “Even if we have reached one person, then it was all worth it.”
Soderberg said Lifehouse was not prepping for another trip to the studio but the recent tour has the member singing a different tune.
“It wasn’t something we planned before this tour,” he said. “But this tour with Switchfoot has us thinking that anything could be a possibility. Maybe a Christmas album or another studio album. We’re not sure. But we’re talking about it.”
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