Cat Daddy’O: Power Trio of Blues

Cat Daddy’O: Power Trio of Blues
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Blue Sky Vineyard

Who: Cat Daddy’O
What: blues
When: 2017-08-13
Cat Daddy’O descends Sunday, August 13 on Blue Sky
Leah Williams
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words by Leah Williams

photo by Joanna Gray

Cat Daddy’O descends Sunday, August 13 on Blue Sky Vineyard and Winery. The local blues outfit packs a powerful punch with a hurt-so-good feeling.

Guitarist John Marczewski first came to Carbondale in 1977, following his brother as he attended SIU. Marczewski performed for years under the name Johnny Shea and worked with artists like Bobby “Blue” Bland while he was in Chicago.

“I was lucky enough to be brought on stage by Big Larry and Big Twist, to be brought up on stage and get to know them,” Marczewski said.

Cat Daddy’O has been playing out for the last six or seven years. The band also features Lou “Unk” Thery on bass guitar and backing vocals and Chris “chiLo” Ballard on drums. Thery and Ballard are also no strangers to the Southern Illinois scene, performing in the past as part of the groove-metal outfit Zaius.

“We consider ourselves a power trio of blues,” Marczewski said.

Marczewski said that Cat Daddy’O’s member feed off each other to create a highly energetic force field on stage, with the rhythm section’s background in 2000s stoner rock providing the gel that holds it all together.

“That’s the heavy part, and then I can come in there and lay down my lead work however way I want,” Marczewski said. “And they just let me go, and then they will be right there with me.”

Cat Daddy’O creates a different atmosphere each time they play, Marczewski said.

“No song is ever the same every night,” he said. “We have a lot of fun. Money is always nice, but it is more about the fact that we love what we do.”

In addition to making the winery rounds, Cat Daddy’O will perform during the Carbondale Eclipse Marketplace festival Sunday, August 20 in the First Mid-Illinois Bank and Trust parking lot.

Cat Daddy’O also has a gig playing Saturday, September 2 under the beer tent during the Du Quoin State Fair.

Marczewski said he continues to enjoy how excited he gets every time he is ready to play. He adds that his other bandmates are just as pumped as he is when it is time to perform.

“To this day, I love the way it makes me feel. I hit the stage and I’m fired up,” he said. “I feel blessed to have been able to keep going as long as I can.”

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who Cat Daddy’O

what blues

where Blue Sky Vineyard and Winery

when Sunday, August 13