American Civil Liberties Union: A Benefit to Protect Our Rights

American Civil Liberties Union:  A Benefit to Protect Our Rights

Pictured: Josh Murphy of the Holy Vedas.
Jennifer “Jay” Bull

Rock Against Fascism, a benefit for the American Civil Liberties Union, will be held Saturday, March 11 at the Hangar 9.

“Most importantly, this is a good time for a good cause,” organizer Howard Steeley told Nightlife. “The live music ranges from rock to folk to electronic to warmly but truly alternative.”

Acts will include Josh Murphy’s new band the Holy Vedas, ambient alternative group the Cave Futures, Jesa Dior, Diamond Soul, and Jenny and the Housewives.

In addition to great music, the event will boast a silent auction of work by local artists and goods and services from local merchants. Proceeds from the $5 cover charge and silent auction will benefit the ACLU, and Steeley said that anyone who comes is welcome to donate more at the door.

Those who attend will also get an opportunity to learn about the ACLU’s ongoing conflicts with the Trump administration.

“We will have speakers from the community talking about how the White House’s orders and actions affect us all directly,” Steeley said. “The ACLU is the front line against tyranny and fascism. I can’t count the lawsuits they’ve filed in the last month against the Trump administration, and justly so. From immigrants to LGBTQ [people] to Muslims to school children to people of color to the environment, we, as a nation, are being stripped of our civil rights.”

Indeed, when Trump’s ban on people travelling from seven Muslim-majority countries to the United States went into effect, the ACLU had lawyers in airports helping unjustly detained people. Courts eventually struck down the ban. On Monday, Trump issued a new executive order to restrict travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim nations, but it failed to alleviate the ACLU’s concerns. The response of ACLU legal director David Cole: “President Trump, we’ll see you in court.”

“My hope is that if this event does anything, it inspires people to take action in their own way,” Steeley said. “There are many worthy organizations in need of funding, many people in need of help. Trump is doing something I’m sure he never thought he’d do. He is bringing people together. Bigly.”

For more information, search for the event on Facebook.

who: American Civil Liberties Union

what: Rock Against Fascism benefit w/ Holy Vedas / Cave Futures / Jesa Dior / Diamond Soul / Jenny and the Housewives

where: Hangar 9

when: Saturday, March 11