Locos por Juana’s Latin Sunset Concert Jams

Locos por Juana’s Latin Sunset Concert Jams
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Who: Locos por Juana
What: Sunset Concert Series (Latin jam band)
When: 2016-07-14
Since bursting onto the Miami scene in 2000, Grammy- and Latin Grammy-nominated Latin-fusion explosi
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Since bursting onto the Miami scene in 2000, Grammy- and Latin Grammy-nominated Latin-fusion explosion Locos por Juana have been rolling to greater and success. They will be mapale-ing Thursday, July 14 into Carbondale this week for the Sunset Concerts on the Steps of Shryock Auditorium, fresh from their triumphant appearance at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

The sound of Locos por Juana (translation: Crazies for Jane) is a hybrid of island swing, Afro-Colombian rhythms, reggae, dub, hip-hop, and rock. Their heart and soul emanates from Colombia, a country whose musical styles include cumbia (African wedding music), champeta (“country knife,” or machete, a style of Colombian folk music,) mapale (a style of dance and music born along the Caribbean coast of Colombia), and even chande (a drum style originating in India).

Locos por Juana’s debut single, “Mueve, Mueve” (Spanish for “move, move,” and boy, does this track get Nightlife moving!) has garnered nearly half a million views on Vevo. Their latest single, “The Cure,” featuring Bermuda’s pride and joy, Collie Buddz, and produced by the band, recently dropped on iTunes to critical acclaim. The bouncy and infectious tune explores new musical territory filled with the colorful and contagious dance vibrations for which the band and Collie Buddz have become known.

A fiercely popular world-music staple in their hometown of Miami, the bilingual and colorful band was formed in 2000 around the core of vocalist Itagui Correa, guitarist Mark Kondrat, and drummer Javier Delgado, flanked by trombonist Lasim Richards and percussionist Carlos Palmet. They are usually joined onstage by a handful of guest musicians, making every concert a unique and electrifying Caribbean jam band experience.

Correa and Delgado were born in Colombia, and Kondrat is a Miami native of Colombian descent. As Locos por Juana, these Latin soul brothers breathe new life into the musical traditions of their heritage to create what Kondrat calls “island swing,” a fast-emerging worldbeat sound that has captivated Jane-crazy audiences from Portland to Port au Prince.

Their debut album, Locos pro Juana, earned them a nomination as Best Urban Artist on Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro awards show. La Verdad, their third album, released by Universal Music in 2007, was nominated for the Best Rock or Alternative Album Grammy in 2008. The band’s 2010 EP, Evolución, was nominated for Colombia’s Shock Award for Best Alternative Album. Their most recent album, 2012’s Somos de la Calle (“We’re From the Street”) showcases the band’s Latin hip-hop influences.

Find out more at <http://www.LocosPorJuana.com>.

Nightlife recently shared a jarra of internet Caspiroleta Colombiana and a chat with Itagui Correa. Here’s how it went:

Will any guest musicians (or Collie Buddz) join the band at the Sunset Concert?

Well, at a Locos show, you just never know what surprises might happen. We’ll most definitely invite him and hopefully he’s around the area and surprise us all with his energy. We’ll definitely have some guest musicians as special guests. It’s going be an amazing vibe.

Have you played in the Southern Illinois area before?

Yeah, we have, and we had an amazing time. It was, like, almost six or seven years ago, but we remember SIU always. It’s a very nice place.

What was it like having Locos por Juana and Collie Buddz in the same studio?

It was a special night combining our music together! It worked out perfectly because we both respect each other’s music. Imagine! Bermuda and Colombia making music in the USA— it was magical! Finding that music doesn’t have any barriers or borders, that not even language in 2016 can stop the vibes.

Music is the cure for the soul and we need to spread the message of good energy. That’s the main reason we got together in the studio— to create a positive song. For the people. For the world.

Any pre-concert message for our readers?

We appreciate all the support and the love we receive in Carbondale. Look out for our new album coming in August!

who: Locos por Juana

what: Sunset Concert Series (Latin jam band)

where: Steps of Shryock Auditorium


when: Thursday, July 14