Keller Williams: The Spellbinding Guitar God Returns

Keller Williams:  The Spellbinding Guitar God Returns
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Who: Keller Williams KWahtro / Cabinet
What: jam band
When: 2016-01-28
The one and only Keller Williams will perform Thursday, January 28 at the Copper Dragon Brewing Comp
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The one and only Keller Williams will perform Thursday, January 28 at the Copper Dragon Brewing Company with his newest project, KWahtro.

Williams got his start in the 1990s. He has since come a long, long way. Since his first official solo release, Freek, in 1994, Williams has released twenty-two impressive, full-length solo albums, the most recent of which, Vape, came out just last year.

Williams was once best known for his music as a solo artist. He wowed and wooed massive festival and amphitheater crowds armed with two hands, a loop pedal, and an arsenal of gear. The man is an audio sorcerer who knows how to move and entertain a crowd. An impressive multi-instrumental loop master, Williams could make you think (if your eyes were closed) there were at least five people on stage with him.

During the last fifteen years, Williams has moved on from performing just as a solo artist. Currently, he has an astounding ten projects/bands that tour and perform live. His most recent project, KWahtro, is dubbed Williams’s “evolution of acoustic dance music.”

KWahtro (pronounced quatro, as in four, as in quartet) is a bold attempt to translate Williams’s songs (and likely some tastefully chosen covers) into different genres of dance music, including nu-disco, trap, drum ‘n’ bass, and the like, using strictly acoustic instruments.

KWahtro consists of Williams on guitar and vocals, Gibb Droll on guitar, Danton Boller on upright bass, and Rodney Holmes on drums.

Droll has performed and recorded with Williams in the past and is also known for his work with Brandi Carlile and Bruce Hornsby. Boller comes from the Jazz Mandolin Project and toured with legendary trumpeter Roy Hargrove.  Holmes played with funkmaster Maceo Parker and toured with Carlos Santana.

Williams’s other projects encompass a diverse array of musical styles and musicians. There is, of course, his solo project, Keller Williams, also known as K-Dub. Grateful Grass is a bluegrass tribute to the Grateful Dead. The Keller Williams Trio, like KWahtro, also aims at acoustic dance music and features Holmes on drums. More Than a Little features a talented crew of gospel and rhythm and blues players from Williams’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Keller and the Kells is a shredworthy Appalachian psychedelic-bluegrass band.

Yet another unique concept for a group, Grateful Gospel, plays Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia tunes meant for Sunday-morning services, so to speak, at music festivals. In another bluegrass project, Williams plays with Del McCoury’s backing band, the Travelin McCourys.

Williams is a family man and has a project called Kids, which is meant for the young ones. He plays with Moseley, Droll, and Sipe in a fusion-rock band. Oh, and there was a project called Grunge Grass, a bluegrass tribute to the 1990s Seattle sound.

Check out Williams’s music from all of these projects at <>. Tickets for the Copper Dragon show are $18 at <>.

who: Keller Williams KWahtro / Cabinet

what: jam band

where: Copper Dragon Brewing Company


when: Thursday, January 28