Editorial— SIU Football: Beat Liberty or Leave Town

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This Saturday, SIU’s football team plays Liberty “University,” the right-wing diploma mill (it has a
Chris Wissmann

This Saturday, SIU’s football team plays Liberty “University,” the right-wing diploma mill (it has a Center for Creation Studies) founded by the dead, despicable so-called preacher Jerry Falwell.

Listen to the icy silence that greeted Bernie Sanders when he addressed Liberty students last week and said things like “There is no justice, and I want you to hear this clearly, when the top one-tenth of one percent— not one percent, the top one-tenth of one percent— today in America owns almost as much wealth as the bottom ninety percent. And in your hearts, you will have to determine the morality of that, and the justice of that.

“In my view, there is no justice, when here, in Virginia and Vermont and all over this country, millions of people are working long hours for abysmally low wages of $7.25 an hour, of $8 an hour, of $9 an hour, working hard, but unable to bring in enough money to adequately feed their kids. And yet, at that same time, fifty-eight percent of all new income generated is going to the top one percent. You have got to think about the morality of that, the justice of that, and whether or not that is what we want to see in our country.”

You can practically hear the sneers.

SIU, however informally, stands for something quite different than Liberty. It’s always been a relatively freewheeling, celebratory, tolerant place, even when city and university officials wished it wasn’t.

So if SIU loses the game, despite Liberty’s current number-thirteen ranking in the Football Championship Series, the heretofore sputtering Saluki football team should move to Edwardsville out of sheer shame.


And since Liberty is coming to play on Family Weekend, hopefully someone can organize a mass gay wedding to welcome them here. It’d make for a perfect halftime event— clearly Jerry Falwell didn’t understand irony when he named his athletic teams the Flames.