Archnemesis: Electro Hip-hop Soul

Archnemesis: Electro Hip-hop Soul
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Hangar 9

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Archnemesis: Classically Trained Electronic Funk

Who: Archnemesis / MedusA
What: electronic dance music showcase
When: 2015-05-09
Archnemesis locks and loads Saturday, May 9 into the Hangar 9 with MedusA also performing. The elect
Leah Williams

Archnemesis locks and loads Saturday, May 9 into the Hangar 9 with MedusA also performing. The electro musician is a head-trip recipe, blending dance songs with soul and hip-hop elements sprinkled inside a smooth, danceable track, complete with lightshows and a highly energetic atmosphere.

Since 2009, Archnemesis (real name: Curt Heiny) has prided himself on being in a constant state of evolution. Classical training on the cello and piano was only the beginning for Heiny. He later went on to learn jazz theory and composition and then branched out to learn bass, drums, and guitar.

Heiny explained that he had worked in a band but found that the solo route provided him with a career that was more in tune with himself as a musician.

“It allowed me a lot more freedom,” Heiny said. “You wouldn’t think that it would, but it just let me explore a bit more.”

When he isn’t on the road, Archnemesis is working on his next release, and his catalogue includes numerous EPs, remixes, and collaborations. In 2010, critics and fans both responded well to his debut EP Diamonds and Glass. Remixed versions of Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” and the xx’s “Do You Mind?” charted.

Other songs that have been given the Archnemesis treatment include the Disclosure and Sam Smith tune “Latch,” the Ludacris and Jermaine Dupri song “Welcome to Atlanta,” and the Snoop Dogg and T-Pain track “Boom.”

In April, Archnemesis dropped his latest remix of the Fetty Wap song “Trap Queen.” By slowing it down just a smidge, Archnemesis thinks the song’s seventy and 140 beats-per-minute sections flow better.

“It gave it a nice push-and-pull feel,” Heiny said.

Heiny mentioned that forthcoming releases will go in a new direction.

“It’s a little bit different,” he said. “I’m from the South, so it’s got a bit of that feel. The new stuff is rooted in hip-hop and particularly dirty south. And it also has a few more elements in it, too, like something from Trapt.”

While many in the music industry take a stand against file-sharing, Archnemesis has a different approach— he doesn’t charge for his releases.

“I just really believe that it should remain free and be available for people who want to listen to it,” Heiny said.

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who: Archnemesis / MedusA

what: DJ showcase

where: Hangar 9


when: Saturday, May 9