Covers Originals 
Band Members
Alex Kirt - slide guitar and vocals - Cody Beckman - drums - Mike Alderfer - bass - Billy Dan Langley - harmonica and guitar

Deep Blues

The Mudsills play a style of blues music that is largely based on a style that originated in northern Mississippi by blues musicians such as R L Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Fred McDowell, Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Bukka White, and many more. This style of blues has been called "Hill Country Blues", "delta blues", and "deep blues". It is a droning, transcendental, highly improvisational form of American blues music filled with unresolved tension that is based on open-tuned slide guitar-riffs and hauntingly unrefined vocal melodies.

The Mudsills play a combination of covers/originals in the well-established traditions of American rural blues.

These are mostly traditional rural blues songs rearranged and reinvisioned through improvisation from a rural-Midwestern working class perspective. A great deal of invention and improvisation occurs in each performance, both musically and lyrically. Nothing that The Mudsills play has been rehearsed or planned in advance. These are not cover songs, nor or they entirely original. We play our own improvised interpretations and arrangements of traditional blues songs.