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David Gene - guitar, vocals
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From the depths of despair to the frolicking joy of unrequited love, David Gene's, ReAch tumbles you through at first a seemingly internal landscape. Yet as you listen more one begins to attach to each theme and apply to personal experience.There is a lively fresh feel to all of this recording that is rarely seen.You can put this in your cd player and let it go!!!....you won't need to fast forward through ANY song. One Southern Illinois music critic lamented recently that this was the best release of original songs from the tri-state area (Illinois,Kentucky,Missouri) in nearly 25 years. One can't say enough about the songs and yet the musicians....yes yes require your immediate attention...Kenny Johnson on drums is remarkable...Mark Moreno's forward and dark fret-less bass could never be duplicated...Russman's wiggly acoustic g-tar adventures are intrinsic Russman and yet greatly pushes the songs and give it such a live feel...and 2 cameos by the great Ivas John (industry accredited blues singer songwriter, guitarist extraordinaire)....not to mention the great Jack Oneiva on percussion..and...Southern Illinois's lovely singer/performer/writer and artist Chris McKinley, who sounds like a rare songbird looking for sweet nectar ....and you can't ignore the genius of Bruce Camden, playing sitar on reAch and slide on ...like you.... (he came out of some altered realm to play his parts) and you could find him now writing a guitar symphony or novel some where in the gullet of Southern Illinois, that is if you can find him....Most importantly the engineer,muse,writer,singer and "producer" Mike Lescelius at MisunderStudio in Southern Illinois made this disc sound newborn and REAL....he is a true genius of the recording process.... if he lived in New York or LA he would be sought out by the cream of the industry...no doubt!!.....So you need to have this disc in your collection!!! You will be a fan right away!!!