Spread: Music-scene Alumni Return to Record a Live Album

Spread:  Music-scene Alumni Return to Record a Live Album

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Spread: Making a Nice Jam

Who: Spread
What: jam band live recording
When: 2014-05-02 - 2014-05-03
A band that once called Southern Illinois home not only wants to come back. They also want to captur
Leah Williams

A band that once called Southern Illinois home not only wants to come back. They also want to capture the event for posterity.

Psychedelic jam band Spread headlines their first-ever two-night run at the Hangar 9 Friday and Saturday, May 2 and 3, and to commemorate the occasion, the group plans to record the shows for a live CD.

Nightlife recently chatted up bassist Colin Finn and drummer Patrick Reynolds before a practice to discuss coming home, recording live, and rocking out.

Spread started in the former beer garden of Booby’s on the Strip in 2008. The collective— Finn, Reynolds, guitarist Dave Petrizzo, and keyboard player Joe Kentros— has created self-described energy-filled musical experiences ever since by combining composed material with improvisation.

“We met through mutual friends and just started playing together,” Reynolds said.

As many college bands of the past have done, they hung around the ‘Dale for as long as their time at Southern Illinois University would allow, and once graduation and the time to branch out came, one by one, the musicians left.

“I was the last one to graduate, I think,” Finn said, “and I graduated in 2010.”

Graduation may have temporarily separated the musicians but Spread eventually regrouped in Chicago.

“We didn’t know if we were going to stay together,” Finn said, “but we decided we really liked working together.”

This summer marks several milestones for Spread, including the band’s appearance at the Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, on Memorial Day weekend. The show marks the fifth straight year the band has played the festival, and each time they take the stage, it means something.

“It really means something to us,” Finn said, “because we first got the chance to play at Summer Camp was when we won the [battle of the bands] contest at the Hangar. They call it Summer Camp on the Road, and we won by audience vote. We wouldn’t have gotten these opportunities if we hadn’t won all those years ago.”

The idea to record a live performance in Carbondale had been stewing for awhile, and once an opportunity became available to play two consecutive nights at the Hangar, Spread jumped at the chance to make the two-night stand extra special.

“This is what we’ve been working toward all along,” Finn said.

“We always get a great reception with the crowd down there,” Reynolds said of the band’s Carbondale gigs. “You really feed off their energy.”

It is that kind of interaction that Spread is hoping will translate to the new recording, because on stage the magic of Spread’s improvisation and their musicianship blend nicely together. In a previous interview with Nightlife, they described a time on stage where they started out playing a cover of the Doors’ “L.A. Woman,” and after a few minutes of tangents, the band ended up coming together to play the Yardbirds’ classic tune “Heart Full of Soul.”

Finn said he is looking forward to coming back to the band’s old stomping ground.

“The past few years we have had so many shows at different places,” he said, “but there is always a standout crowd when we come [back to Carbondale].”

Reynolds added: “It’s the opportunity to get another loyal fan. We are excited to come down for the show.”

For more information, check out Spread’s Facebook page.

who: Spread

what: jam band live recording

where: Hangar 9

when: Friday and Saturday, May 2 and 3