Anodyne Sky

Covers Originals 
Band Members
Kevin Biggs - vocals - Jeremy Meyers - guitar - Sieger Giroux - guitar - Matt Hayes - drums - Skylor Knight - bass
Contact Info

Anodyne Sky is 5-piece band with 4 of the members hailing originally from Benton, IL. Their sound can be described as being similar to the likes of Chevelle, Royal Bliss, 10 Years, etc… The band was formed back in May of 2013 by ex-Wicked Redemption guitarist Sieger Giroux, ex-A Stellar Goodbye and Wicked Redemption drummer Matthew Hayes, And guitarist Jeremy Meyers from Marion. The vocal and bass positions were eventually filled by Kevin Biggs and Skylor Knight (Lori's Puppets, A Stellar Goodbye), respectively. Each member brings their own style and love of music into the band and the resulting sound reflects this.