Archnemesis: Classically Trained Electronic Funk

Archnemesis: Classically Trained Electronic Funk
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Hangar 9

Who: Archnemeseis / Get F-ed
What: electronic-music showcase
When: 2013-09-26
Electronic group Archnemesis will perform Thursday, September 26 at the Hangar 9.
Brian Wilson

Electronic group Archnemesis will perform Thursday, September 26 at the Hangar 9.

Archnemesis is the brainchild of Curt Heiny, who tours across the country with two Macs and a keyboard performing his own brand of electro hip-hop soul. Archnemesis creatively uses samples from blaxploitation films and draws from funk, soul, electronic, and a number of other genres.

But Heiny says that while each of these styles has influenced him, his work owes much more to his training as a musician.

“Mainly it was just coming from being classically trained on cello and piano and bass,” he says, “just studying that from the electronic side of things. There’s no specific influence. I mean, you can hear the funk and soul. Those are kind of the staples that I use.... The electronic thing just kind of came into play, I think, as a way to try to combine the other two.”

He says that while the public may not be aware of it, many electronic artists are actually classically trained musicians.

“I think any of the guys who are doing it and doing it well, you have to have some sort of musical knowledge and musical background,” he says. “Be able to make your mark. [Sometimes audiences] don’t think about it, what it takes to make this kind of music.”

Heiny says he hopes his work reaches more than just those already interested in electronic music.

“At the end of the day, it’s trying to create a space where people can come and enjoy themselves and enjoy the music and have a good time.... just trying to foster a sense of community with the music,” he says. “That’s important to me.”

Archnemesis has four releases so far, including the newest, Follow Me. All are available for free download from <>.

who: Archnemeseis / Get F-ed

what: electronic-music showcase

where: Hangar 9

when: Thursday, September 26