Here Come the Mummies: Cryptic, Suggestive, and All Things Funky

Here Come the Mummies: Cryptic, Suggestive, and All Things Funky
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Here Come the Mummies: Funkadelic Times from Beyond the Tomb

Who: Here Come the Mummies / Shades of Soul
What: funk
When: 2013-08-17
Some mysteries will never be unraveled. Instead of trying to figure it out like a teen sleuth in fic
Leah Williams Wright

Some mysteries will never be unraveled. Instead of trying to figure it out like a teen sleuth in fictional California, it’s best to sit back and enjoy the show.

Here Comes the Mummies once again hypnotize the area with their swinging sound Saturday, August 17, this time at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau. The band is touting their latest project, Cryptic, a fantastically fiendish, funk-filled record about getting down in every sense of the word.

The band is dressed the part, and the identities of the players are kept literally and figuratively under wraps. Rumors have speculated that the musicians are professionals living and working in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, and other whispers suggest that a few of the Mummies have won Grammy Awards. Others think the mummy attire is meant to keep record bigwigs from knowing that their talent is in cahoots with another label.

The band’s website says the guys were unearthed after a professor discovered a dozen mummies during a dig in 1922. That professor, Nigel Quentin Fontenelle Dumblucke IV, dubbed the excursion the “Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave” and soon realized that the mummies were alive because a powerful curse doomed them to wander the earth through the centuries, “seeking the ultimate riff.”

Alas, the truth will probably remain buried.

What is no secret is the kind of mayhem this band of mummy misfits can conjure up. The cast of crazy characters includes Mummy Cass, or Cassanova, on guitar and lead vocals, Java Mummy on percussion and vocals, Eddie Mummy on drums, Mumm Spaz on keyboards, K.W. Tut on the bass, Mummy Rah on tenor saxophone, the Flu on baritone sax, B.B. Queen on trumpet, Ramses Mummy on bass, Bucking Blanco on trumpet, Midnight Mummy on baritone sax, and the Pole on bass.

The group’s new album is the first since the Mummies celebrated their tenth year together with the release of Hits and Mrs., and this show marks their second in the area. (The Mummies last played in the Southern Illinois area last fall for a benefit for the Poshard Foundation for Abused Children.)

For ticket information, call (573) 651-5000 or visit <>. For more about the band, visit <>.

Nightlife got to check back in with Java Mummy, and true to his demonic nature, his answers were just as pointed as the previous time we swapped emails. Read on if you dare, dear reader, and enjoy the quick wit and accompanying one-liner about SIU alum Melissa McCarthy.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

First question, since we last chatted, Here Comes the Mummies have released a new album, Cryptic. What was that recording process like, and how does the music compare to your previous records?

Making it was more fun than a naked slip ‘n’ slide into the loving arms of Melissa McCarthy. We are very proud of Cryptic, and feel that it is our strongest to date.

A few of my favorite songs on the album-- "Chaperone," "Innuendo," and "You Know the Drill"-- have a real suggestive swing. Was that the intention when you were recording?

Are you suggesting that we are suggestive? I suggest that any listener keep in mind that we have a naughty reputation.

What is the most difficult part about being a band comprised of the undead?

Composing while decomposing.

How does one, as your website bio suggests, "rock like an Egyptian?"

I have wondered the same.

What other music are you currently listening to?

Allen Stone, Jamie Lidell, and Daft Punk.

Is there any advice for anyone who has yet to experience a Mummy show? Is there anything they should be afraid of?

Be prepared to be happily surprised and strangely aroused.

Do you prefer playing live or recording?

There are no sexy dancing ladies in the studio, so I would have to say playing live.

What is your favorite part about being in this band?

It ain't the smell, that is for certain.

who: Here Come the Mummies / Shades of Soul

what: funk

where: Show Me Center

when: Saturday, August 17