Jon Langford and The Four Lost Souls to play PK’s

Jon Langford and The Four Lost Souls to play PK’s
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Who: Jon Langford and the Four Lost Souls
What: Country / Folk
When: 2017-10-17
Jon Langford and The Four Lost Souls to play PK’s
Dakota Holden

Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls will be performing at PK’s on The Strip this Tuesday, Oct. 17.

The Chicago group will feature new country and folk music recorded at the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

Jon Langford has been apart of many musical groups in his career like The Mekons and the Waco Brothers, but his newest endeavor is his four-piece country band, Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls.

The band is composed of Tawny Newsome (background vocals), Bethany Thomas (background vocals), John Szymanski (guitar), and Jon Langford (vocals and guitar).

Nightlife caught up with Jon and talked about recording in the historic Fame Studio.

“I was invited by Norbert Putnam, an original member of the Muscle Shoals rhythm section,” Langford said. “We met through the Country Music Hall of Fame. He told me I sung like a pirate and should come to Muscle Shoals to make an album.”

The writing process for this record was made differently than most. Knowing how powerful and inspiring the studio and recording process would be, Jon wrote all the songs for the week long session.

“There was a particular thing at Muscle Shoals. At least something about my relation with American music, politics, and history. It’s very different,” Langford said.

The band’s album “Four Lost Souls” features traditional country sounds with contemporary lyrical and melodical themes. As soon as you hear the drums or the Wurlitzer keyboard on the record, it’s clear that the Four Lost Souls are recording in the legendary studio.

Not only is Jon Langford musician, but an artist as well.

“After fifteen years of playing with The Mekons and being on major labels and touring all the time, things kind of bubbled up,” He said. “It (painting) was something I could do to express myself.”

Jon’s paintings often depict famous American music artists such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Louis Armstrong.

When not on tour with the Four Lost Souls, Langford is recording and preparing for the next Mekons’ album in L.A.

“I’m just looking forward to coming to Carbondale,” he said. “I played their once a while ago and it was great. I have some good friends down there.”